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Posted by Salem Iskander on 25 December 2018 14:13:11
  1. A user has the ability to push announcements to all their B2B by configuring their TourVisio.  For more details, Click here.
  2. A user now allowed now to make discounts for agency commission.
For more details, Click here.

3. A Warning Message will pop-up in case of duplication reservations and the user has the ability to avoid duplicating reservations using those parameters  (surname, Name, Birthday, passport No., ID No., or between a certain Reservation period) as validation by configuring TourVisio as below:

TourVisio >> Tools >> Market System parameters >> Reservation Tab >> Duplicate Reservation Control panel.

  4. In “the Reservation Note” the Agency can add Fix Notes instead of free text by  configuringSANAPI as below:

SANAPI >> Settings > search for parameter “Common.WorkWithFixNotesForReservation”

Change the value to True for “Fix Notes” and False for “Free Text”.

- In TourVisio user can add Fix Notes through Fix notes for Reservation Window.

  5. For operator Hotel also the B2B user can change the Nationality for every passenger in case other passengers have different nationalities. 
  6. In Reservation Monitor; by default, if a user clicks on the Search button, the user will view top 200 Reservations. In meanwhile user also can use search panel for searching for a certain reservation.
  7. In Reservation Monitor Arrival City column has been added to Reservation monitor.
  8. In flight Reservation with a “Transit” stop; A notify message will be shown if there is an airport change.
  9. For printing documents (Invoice, Voucher, Contract, etc.); the user can view more than one template per each document as per defined in TV.
  10. Agency has the ability to control saleable products for by configuring TV as below:

- For saleable certain products for certain Agency: Definition >> Agency >> select Agency >> Web option Tab >> uncheck use Market settings.

- For saleable product for certain agency as default market setting: Definition >> Agency >> select Agency >> Web option Tab >> check use Market settings.
  11. Agency user can add additional Compulsory services to the main service by configuring TV. 802-988-1852

12. A User has the ability now to Research for a reservation again.

The User can use Research the button in below cases:

- Reservation Begin Date should be bigger or equal to Today"Date".

- Option Date should be smaller than Today "Date" or Reservation was canceled without option date.

  13. Various Bugs have been fixed.

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What is New for Version
Posted by Bünyamin Haran on 21 November 2018 16:24:12

1. Some enhancement for offer page had been done. A user will be able to sort from the most recent date to the oldest by using the offer date filter and the user will be able to sort from the most recent ID to the oldest by using the offer ID filter.
2. The reservation summary area (Trip Itinerary) for any Booking had been reordered. A user has the ability to view services from the oldest date to recent date by sort.

3. The excursion list is sorted according to city names from A-Z by using "search by city" Tab. A user will be able to view city names sorted from A-Z.
4. If the user has two or more different websites, the user has the ability to apply changes for all websites at the same time by using SAN API apply to all websites configuration.
5.Now user can edit board description and has ability to add PDF to the B2B board details by uploading PDF into Tourvisio.(Definition -> Hotels ->Edit ->Accommodation/Board -> Hotel Boards -> Hotel Board Content)
6.A research offer button had been added to B2B offer list for holiday package offers.A user has the ability to search by the same criterias again at offer list page.
7.Now Agency can configure Tourvisio web sale currencies by  check the B2B publish for B2B search panel currency filter.( Market Parameters -> Web parameters -> Web Sale Currencies ->check the box for B2B Publish) 

8. Now an agency has an ability to create a registration request form by using SAN API configuration.

Click here for more details.

9. A user has the ability to create two or more different documents for printing buttons by configuring TourVisio.

Click here for Tourvisio configuration.

  10.Various bug fixes.

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What is New for Version 6.0.16
Posted by Elvan Küçükalioğlu on 21 November 2018 11:35:15

1 - We added  Show only active check button under Definition – Excursions. This check would be work as “Do not show any excursion if there is no defined price and /or Price Period is ended.


2 - We added Sale Resource column under Acounting – Journal – Collecting – Allocate Reservations section.









3 - Various bug fixes

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What is New for Version
Posted by Bünyamin Haran on 26 October 2018 16:42:20


  1. A user has the ability to show or hide Add Markup panel in Main Page or in the offer page by configuring SANAPI through those below parameters:
  • To hide Add Markup panel from B2B Main page:

          ParameterName: DoNotShowAddMarkUpForMainSearch

  • To hide Add Markup and disable Edit price in Offer list page:

           Parameter name: DoNotShowAddMarkUpForOfferPage

  2. Some enhancement for Holiday Package offer page had been done.User can view more offer details,price details,early booking - special package offer discount information and user can view hotel offers at the same offer list for holiday package.


3. A B2B footer bar had been added to B2B such as (Terms and Conditions, Distant Sales Agreement, Privacy and Security Policy, and About us).

For More information how to setup this footer data click here.


4. The user has the ability to do check-In online for their flight (Turkish Airline, AnadoluJet, AtlasJet, BoraJet, Sunexpress, OnurAir, or Pegasus) reservations by clicking on Check-In Button in Reservation Page.


By entering the flight details in the Check-In Panel in B2B Home Page.

  5. A user can view many offers on the same page by using list view option in the holiday package.
  6. A user can view notification message as shown if there are any changes in the selected offer’s prices.

7. A user has the ability to Show or Hide printing buttons of the documents for Optional payment by configuring TourVisio.

apiarian for TourVisio configuration.

  8- A user has the ability to search in Holiday Package by Holiday Package Category Type as per defined in TourVisio.
  9.User can do a reservation request option even if there is no allotments. By configuring TourVisio, Enter for more information.User can do a reservation on request option for operator services.(operator hotels and sanflight ) by configuring Tourvisio (618) 319-8618

10.The user has an ability to create two or more different web sites for the same TourVisio Market by using Sanapi configuration and TourVisio configuration.

click here for more details.

  11.Various bug fixes.


What is New for Version 6.0.15
Posted by Ilker Bosut on 24 October 2018 16:18:23
Paximum 1 - We added Operator choose option under Tools / Paximum / Parameters / Hotel Restrictions.
  2 - Various bug fixes



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