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from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Our knowledge & our tools

We are businessmen who over the years developed different tools for our companies that made our work significantly easier. is our knowledge and tools packed in a neat and easy to use application. We sleep easy, knowing is looking over our business.

Tackle your operation risk through:

Access of relevant real-time data about your company anywhere.

Automatization of repetitive and tedious managemental tasks.

Detection of potential business risks for your company.

Minimisation of human error.



gives us instant overview of the daily business. We can detect anomalies and react immediately and efficiently, even on the go.

Daily updated Balance Sheet.

Daily updated Income Statement.

3 clicks from question to answer.


is the tool we use to make sure we never run out of cash on our bank accounts.

Simple overview of the bank accounts.

Cash forecasting and powerful simulations.

Cash optimisation.

Working capital management.


dramatically increased the satisfaction of our employees and our customers.

Drastically improves communication between sales and other departments.

Actively helps with the growth of your businesses.

Alerts of customer's unusual behavior.

Integrated mobile sales and work order management.


shows us critical issues in our companies and reduces unnecessary losses.

Simple overview of overdue receivables.

Automated reports and communication for credit insurance.

Automated validation of VIES VAT numbers of your customers.


allows our companies with multi-million turnover to have no purchasing department.

Fully automated and optimized orders with no errors based on:

Behaviour analysis of your customers and requirements of previous purchases.

Your supplier's parameters: stock and delivery time.

Your stock status and transport options to make the best use of space available.

External factors such as weather or time of the year which depend on the nature of the business.


includes tools that put our yearly write-offs to under 0.1% of revenue and removed yearly stocktaking completely. Our inventory data is always accurate.

Stock overview.

Accurate ongoing stocktaking process with minimal time input of your workers.

Minimization of inventory write-offs.


is the insurance for our business data. It comes with effortless integration and zero investment.

Automatic backups and painless restore from backup option.


gathers all tasks to be done sent from different stations and users. The tasks from stations include suggested auto-generated approach to resolve the problem.

Quick overview of your tasks.

Better communication amongst the employees.

Control repetitive tasks and analyse task completition statistics.



Your data will be held to the highest and latest security standards implemented by our professionals with long term experience.

Real Time

No more calls to your coworkers and delayed answers to your questions. The data is served real-time on your mobile, tablet or desktop devices anywhere!

Zero Effort will be up and running in no time with no requirement to upgrade your existing infrastructure.

Zero Investment

Advanced architecture of the platform allows instant implementation and deployment to cloud on top of your existing services.

Intuitive and simple

The intuitive app design requires zero training of your employees and allows you to pick up your phone and start using right away.

Fast and Reliable is optimized for speed and reliability. Access your data in lightning fast speeds even when all other services face issues.


All stations colaborate and share their data and calculations amongst each other so the results are complete from all perspectives.





Behind the scenes

Platform is a platform build on top of your company's ERP, DMS and CRM system.

It introduces common ground for data sharing and data availability for different stations that offer you complete support of:

optimal management,


organisation in your company.