The Tin Whistles is the oldest continuous men’s golfing society in the United States, founded in 1904 for the purpose of promoting the game of golf and it’s customs, traditions, and courtesies and the rules of golf at Pinehurst. We conduct weekly tournaments for our membership of 200+ golfers, conduct/sponsor six tournaments each year for the Sandhills’ First Tee program, and provide four 4-year scholarships of $5,000/year to Moore County high school students.  Our members are also very active as volunteers for the North-South Amateurs and for the US Opens and Amateurs that have been held at Pinehurst.

Vision: The Tin Whistles club is formed for social purposes and to promote the customs, traditions, courtesies and rules of golf at the Pinehurst Country Club. We also seek to benefit our community by supporting our youth through scholarships and character development.


Founded in 1904, the oldest continuous Men's Golf Society/Philanthropic Organization in the country Original objective - promote a golfing and social experience for the early travelers to Pinehurst, thereby making it pleasant to return year after year.

Founded in Pinehurst, NC - 1904

THE TIN WHISTLES, national golf organization, had its beginning in Pinehurst, North Carolina in 1904. The many and varied accounts of its birth run all the way from one that a tin whistle was blown in the village street to call the players to the links to another that the whistle was blown at the spring, near the present twelfth hole on No. 1 course, advising golfers that a corn concoction was being served. However, the consensus is that a group of New Yorkers were vacationing at the Holly Inn, dividing their time equally between the links and the little brown jug. They organized a tournament, the prizes being “two Scotch golf clubs,” to be opened at the finish and dispensed, forthwith. The winners carried the “clubs” back to the Inn, beneath checkered vests, and with great pomp and ceremony, promptly consumed them. At this time, outsiders called them the Wow Wows. During this Pinehurst visit, a copy of Alfred Henry Lewis’ book, “The Boss,” appeared. It is a story of the Old Tammany and gave considerable space to a hoodlum gang known as the TIN WHISTLES. The name was given them because they were summoned to their duty of breaking up polling places, which were unfriendly to Tammany, by the blowing of a whistle. For some reason, unknown, this appealed sufficiently to have the golfers adopt the name “THE TIN WHISTLES The stated objectives of the organization were: “To promote a golfing fellowship at Pinehurst and to maintain there a neutral zone for a choice and chosen few from outside organizations to which it will be pleasant to return year by year.” “It shall be the duty of each member to suppress the incipient conceit of any fellow member who thinks he is in line for the United North and South Amateur Championship.” In recent years, the Constitution has been rewritten and the more prosaic wording of the club objectives stated, “It is formed for social purposes and to promote the customs, traditions, and the “Rules of Golf” at Pinehurst, North Carolina.”

The first group by year of origin is the Tin Whistles, founded in 1904 for the express purpose of enjoying the camaraderie associated with the game of golf. …The group plays by the Rules of Golf, no exceptions. They never permit Mulligans, nor “gimmees”, nor “favored lies”. Violators are given one warning by the Captain…Then on any repetition, the offender is summarily ousted, his vacancy easily replaced from a long number of eager applicants. You can turn your back on any player and know he will play the game fairly. Thus, the listed handicaps are the most accurate of any club in the country.

From the book "TBD Wolves Club"
The Tin Whistles Archives - 2008
The Tin Whistles - 1915
Marshall Parshall & Bobby Jones
The Tin Whistles Spring House
The Tin Whistles Spring House Plaque
The Tin Whistles - 1928
The Tin Whistles Plaque presented to Pinehurst 2004


  • Saturday games
  • 9 Major Tournaments
  • 7-8 away games; (CCNC, Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Duke, Finley, Cheraw State Park,...)

Tin Whistle Scholarship Foundation

  • Initiated in 1978
  • Funds Annual College Scholarships for Moore County High School Students.
  • Currently, Four scholarships for $5,000/yr for 4 years
  • Over $1.4M awarded since inception
  • Scholarships are provided to seniors graduating from one of the four Moore County high schools (North Moore, O’Neal, Pinecrest and Union Pines) who have been admitted to or applied to an accredited four-year college or university. Students wishing to apply for a scholarship should request an application from their school's College Guidance Counselor in late January or early February
2016 Tin Whistles Scholars

First Tee Tour

4 to 6 tournaments a year for 5 to 12 year old golfers.

Tin Whistle members volunteer to assist as coaches, rules guidance, etc.

The Tin Whistles First Tee Junior Golf Tour

2017 Pincrest HS Champion Golf Team
All Former Tin Whistle/First Tee Tour Participants

Band of Brothers

The Tin Whistles of Pinehurst have received a 25-year recognition award from the North Carolina Department of Transportation for its service in participating in the Adopt-A-Highway Program. The award plaque is inscribed that the NCDOT “recognizes The Tin Whistles of Pinehurst for outstanding public stewardship and commitment by protecting North Carolina’s environment by participating in the “Adopt-A-Highway program for 25 consecutive years, 1993-2018.” Over those twenty-five years a group of Tin Whistles – The Band of Brothers - have met in the early morning once a month to pick up trash on Morganton Road from US 15-501 to NC Route 5.

The recognition plaque is signed by Transportation Secretary James Trogdon and Governor Roy Cooper

Adopt a Highway Sign on Morganton Road, Pinehurst, NC
Adopt a Highway Plaque


300 Golfing Members, Social Members, Honorary Members

Membership by Election from PCC membership, men active in golf, respect the rules and courtesies of the game, give back to the game through volunteering and also give back to the community.